'Lucky' Honda Cb200T

At the ripe old age of 10 Zeke DeZeeuw said that he wanted to "really" learn how to build motorcycles. We didn't know the difference between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine when we started and if we can do this anybody can do it.  This is the story of Lucky, the Honda Cb200T that was made to be a slow, fuel efficient motorcycle of the 1970's, then was cast away to rust in a dark, dingy dungeon until Zeke DeZeeuw took her home. She told Zeke that she always wanted to be a race bike and, in fact came from a racing pedigree. So what do you do when you have a slow heavy motorcycle that wants to go fast? Well, the first thing we did was join www.dotheton.com.  We started Lucky's build string and you can read all about it here.    You can view Lucky's picture gallery below.   Now we are going to double DARE you! We double dare you to follow your dream. Are you like Lucky and have been told you are a slow motorcycle that nobody wants anymore? Dream, Dare, Do!  Lucky took us on an adventure to Victoria.  You can see our interview with CafeRacerTV that lead to doing a motorcycle build for Naked Speed here

You can view Lucky's picture gallery here.

You can see and hear Lucky's do the ton attempt

"Do what you can't" - Junior Burrell 


  • Four stroke twin, 360 degree firing SOHC
  • Before 300 lbs after 245 lbs
  • Bore and Stroke 56.25mm X 41mm
  • Before 18BHP @ 9k RPM  after 24BHP @ 10.5k RPM 17.2 WHP @10.5k RPM
  • Compression 10:1
  • Dynatek Electronic Ignition
  • Cb200 gas ported head
  • Cb200 oil pump
  • 2-Mikuni VM 20mm carburetors
  • Oversized pistons
  • Stock cam
  • R/D Valvesprings titanium retainers and springs
  • 5 speed transmission
  • Perreault Performance Clip-ons
  • Sparckmoto wiring harness
  • Shorai battery
  • Vintage Advantage Controls
  • Cone Engineering megaphones
  • Airtech Peel Mountain Mile Fairing
  • Airtech TZ Aero Tail
  • Glass From the Past Cafe Tail
  • PMP Sprockets